Does Size Really Matter?

You can’t have a sex blog and not discuss the topic of size and how important, or unimportant, it is. In our society there seems to be a perception, that when it comes to penis size, bigger is better. Let’s discuss the origins behind that perception and is it really true.

In this era, most of get our first exposure to sex or sexual content from porn. Porn content producers tend to favor men who are on the larger size because it is more visually appealing. If you see something often enough, we tend to accept that as the norm and think that anything other than that is undesirable.

While virtually most adults have viewed porn to some extent, 80% of men and 26% of women report watching porn frequently. So, men are the highest viewers of porn. In my opinion, it is a fair assumption that porn is created more for the male market. There will be a trend to this…I’ll get to that later.

If you haven’t read any of my content before, you might not be aware that I sell sex toys. Lots and lots of sex toys. I assist a lot of women in their sex toy purchases and, in my experience, I get more women who have an issue with their partner being too large as opposed to too small.

Dildos are a large portion of the 1000’s of products I sell. In my experience, women tend to purchase dildos that are of smaller size.   I do carry larger dildos but, to many people’s (including my own once upon a time), the majority of people who purchase the larger dildos are men. I hope you are noticing the trend!

I even carry lines of products that are designed to enhance the size of a penis. They are of the most popular categories in my store. Some of them are pumps that use mechanics or suction to increase blood flow and make the penis temporarily larger. Others are extenders that are placed onto the penis to increase the length or girth. You can find examples of them here:

 When it comes to vibrators, those products do not typically come in larger sizes and often times don’t even resemble a penis. The most popular vibrator that I carry is about 4 inches in length. I don’t believe bigger is actually as important as we, as a society, have convinced ourselves it is!

I’m happily here to tell you….women are not as concerned with the size of your penis as you think we are!

There is actually such a thing as too big. The vagina is typically between 3-4 inches in length but can expand up to 200% when a woman is aroused. Each one is uniquely different too. It can be possible that a penis is too large and causes discomfort. Extra lube, lots of foreplay and changing positions can be a big help but ultimately, if it causes pain, it may not be a person you should have sex with.

As cliché as it sounds, it’s absolutely true… doesn’t matter how bit it is but rather what they can do with it! Not just that but how connected to you and how much do they want to pleasure you. We have a hugely narrowminded view of sex as penis-vagina penetration. There is so much more to sex than that. Oral, anal or any other way that gets you off. Being openminded and broadening your view of what feels good will increase her pleasure so much more than a few extra inches will.

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