Guide to Great Sex

Great sex is a topic that almost everyone talks about but not everyone has. Everyone deserves to have great sex! Here are a few of my tips to help you get more confident, be a better lover and, of course, have great sex.

Find The Right Partner.

The foundation of great sex is one of genuine, mutual consent that is offered without pressure, alcohol, shaming, fear, coercion or any other impairment.

Be Present

Not just present but be focused as well. Give your partner your undivided attention. This may mean putting distractions, such as, cellphones and electronics away.  Sex is as much mental as it is physical.


I discuss communication in almost every one of my posts because I feel compelled to mention the importance it has on a relationship. Communication isn’t just verbal either. Non-verbal communication and body language is equally as important. Discuss the things you like and that turn you on but also dive into things you fantasize about or want to try. Let your partner know things that you absolutely do not want to do or try. Those are your hard limits.

Transparency And Honesty

This one is closely tied to communication. All of us want to be a great lover but don’t mislead your partner. If you tell your partner you love giving blow jobs but months later you begrudgingly go down on him with lackluster effort, he is going to realize that maybe you don’t love it as much as you said. If you don’t love it, that’s ok! Just be honest.

Explore And Practice

You can’t expect your partner to know what you like if you don’t. Spend some time exploring your own body.

Be An Active Participant

This one doesn’t need a long explanation. No one likes a pillow princess!

Have An Open Mind

Unless, it’s a hard limit for you, be open to trying things your partner wants to do. Beyond that, research together and experiment on new things.

Stop Worrying

Get out of your head! One of the biggest things to help you achieve great sex is to let go of fear, shame and insecurities. Your partner chose you for a reason. Help your partner to overcome this as well and embrace all of the things they may feel insecure about.

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