How often should you have sex?

When it comes to sex numbers seem to get moved around. From the lowering the number of sexual partners, adding a little to penis size and maybe bragging that our sex lasted a little longer than it did. Even though we seem to be okay with fudging the numbers on a lot of sex topics, most people want to know, how often should you have sex?

Well, there is no clear cut number to how often you should but let’s take a look at how often people really do have sex. While there are some insatiable vixens who are having sex on the daily, science tells us that the average adult has sex times a year, or once a week. Studies also report that people who have sex once a week report being happier in their relationship than people who have sex less often. But what about the people having sex three times a week or more? Interestingly, a follow up study showed that those people did not report being happier than those in the once a week category.

This is one part of a sexual relationship that people tend to get wrapped up in the numbers but the truth is, there is no magic number. Shooting for a specific number and assuming it will make your relationship better is usually does more harm than good. The reality is, the amount of sex you should be having is what is comfortable and enjoyable for you and your partner.

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