Impact Play: The Beginners Guide to Whips, Crops, Paddles and Floggers

Spanking is a stimulating part of anyone’s sex life. You might be new to it or you enjoy a little spanking here and there but impact play toys can boost your sex life to new horizons.  Impact play, known by the BDSM community, is the act of using and object or hand to strike your sexual partner. Impact play toys can range from crops, whips, canes and floggers. Each are different and offer different sensations.  Keep in mind, all can be used with varying levels of touch, from light to extreme.


Consensual, adult spanking is a main stay in the BDSM lifestyle. It is striking another person with your bare hand. You can spank many different body parts, erogenous zones are the most common and you can adjust how hard and use varied techniques. A big plus to spanking over other options is, it doesn’t require any extra toys or purchases.

Many people view spanking as punishment but when it comes to sex, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While the occasional roleplay may include punishment, spanking is quite a pleasurable experience for many. It can be light, sensual, erotic and therapeutic. It doesn’t need to leave marks, although it can if you desire, it should be enjoyable for both parties.


Also, known as riding crops, crops are one of the most popular impact item toys used during sex or roleplays. They vary in length, thickness and material. You may even find some that are studded for a different sensation to the impact.

Using a crop takes practice and technique. Only a small force is required to produce a strong sensation.  Thinner, longer crops typically make the loudest sound in the air as well as the “smack”. The sound is as exhilarating as the sensation to a lot of people. A crop produces a stinging and sharp sensation that is generally felt in a localized area. It can be great for impact play on smaller areas such as the clitoris, testicles or nipples. A smaller ended crop will generally produce a greater sting.


Whips are often used in BDSM by the dominate partner. They are considered a more extreme type of impact play out of all the choices. They are typically long and leather, dual or multi headed.  They can be used to strike the skin or dragged across the skin to produce a tickling sensation. Dragging the whip across the skin directly after a strike will produce a tingling sensation that is incredible. The longer the whip, the more difficult it is to control and can wrap around the body. Used with a lot of force, a whip can produce razor like cuts on the skin. Therefore, longer whips should only be used by experienced impact players.


Used for flogging, the flogger is a multi-tailed leather impact play tool.  Floggers come in an assortment of types and materials and can have tails that are soft and flexible while others are more sturdy. Just like the whip, a longer flogger will be more difficult to control and can wrap around the body. A good recommendation to purchasing a flogger that is easy to control is to get one no longer than the length of your arm.

Floggers don’t always involve pain. They too can be dragged across the skin to give a tickling sensation that many enjoy.  Floggers with slender and soft tails produce a stinging sensation while bulkier, sturdier floggers have a “thud” on the skin. Flogging is also impact play that requires technique and skill. Starting with a softer, beginner flogger would be ideal for first time impact play. Consideration should be given to both partners when choosing an impact toy. You want a toy that is pleasurable for the submissive and comfortable for the dominate so they are using it accurately and effectively.


Paddles produce a sensation similar to spanking, albeit, it can be more intense. Paddles can be made from a variety of things with a variety of textures. They cover a large surface area, which in turn, causes a larger sensation. Paddles are generally considered the safest choice, after your hand. Choosing the right paddle is imperative. An fantastic way to get into impact play is to start with hand spanking and graduate into paddles.

Consideration should be given to both partners when choosing an impact toy. You want a toy that is pleasurable for the submissive and comfortable for the dominate so they are using it accurately and effectively. You can find a wide selection of impact play toys here:

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