Sex Questions You're Too Embarrassed To Ask

Embarrassing things happen to us all. Let’s talk about some of those embarrassing sex questions you might be too afraid to ask.

Will my vagina be bigger after a baby?

This is a common question posed by people of all genders. The vagina is resilient. While it may not go exactly back to its pre-childbirth size and lose some elasticity, most people do not have a problem. Pelvic floor exercises, such as Kegels, may help your vagina snap back.

Can a man feel a woman’s orgasm?

It is definitely possible.  During an orgasm the vagina contracts and the clitoris may pulsate or throb. There are women who produce ejaculate and the vagina may get wetter during orgasm. Other things in the body occur such as increased heartrate and muscles may tense.

With all that in mind, each woman is different and so is how her body responds to an orgasm. Some women may have these signs but may be more subtle and others may writhe. Some women are very quiet during orgasm and others may scream.  Those things and how in tune her partner is with her body will decide if they can tell.

Why do men like anal play?

Enjoying anal play, whether it’s with a tongue, fingers, sex toys or penetration, does not mean a man is homosexual. A large number of men never experience these wonderful sensations because of that common misconception.

The anus is an area of the body that can produce an enormous amount of pleasure for a man. It is highly sensitive and has about 8,000 nerve endings.  In addition, it is where his prostate is located.

Prostate stimulation during sex can cause intense orgasms and some men can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone.  Plus, prostate massage has health benefits in addition to being enjoyable. Prostate massage can help urine flow and improve ejaculation. Prostate stimulation can be done with fingers or with prostate stimulators. You can find some here:

Why does it sound like I’m farting from my vagina during sex?

Also called queefing, this is no doubt and embarrassing thing that happens during sex for women but it’s completely normal. Unlike gas coming from other places, there is no smell and should not cause discomfort. It occurs when air enters the vagina during sex and may come out during thrusting or when the woman orgasms. It is a harmless, normal effect of having sex and likely your partner doesn’t care.

I sometimes fantasize about things I don’t want to do in real life. Is this normal?

Absolutely! Fantasies are just that….fantasies. It’s completely normal to be turned on or stimulated by things that you don’t actually want to do in real life. You may even watch porn that turns you on in addition to fantasizing.

Why doesn’t my vagina get as wet as I would like?

The vagina normally has fluid and secretions that increase during sex and orgasms. While it is normal to have increased wetness during sex, the amount varies from woman to woman. If you noticed that you are drier than normal for your body, there are a number of causes.

Vaginal dryness effects a lot of women. Common causes can be hormonal changes like birth control and menopause, not enough foreplay, vaginal infections and medications. If you are experiencing dryness, talk to your doctor to rule out medical causes. If no medical cause is found then try increasing foreplay and try lubricants. There are many lubricants available and water based is a good choice. Examples of lubes:

Can you break a penis?

Yes, technically it is called a rupture. It can happen during sex but most commonly happens during rough masturbation. While a rupture or “broken” penis is a joke to a lot of people, it’s incredibly painful and needs urgent medical attention.

Is it true that every woman has had sex with their best female friend?

This comes up a lot and I’m not sure why. I’m guessing that is a fantasy of the asker but it is just false. Not only is it false, it rarely happens. Not every woman is attracted to other women and even those that are, not all of them act on it. Even bisexual women, such as myself, don’t have sex with anyone. Just because we are attracted to women doesn’t mean we are attracted to all women, especially our best friends.

Are cold sores the same as herpes?

Yes and no. Both are a herpes simplex virus. Cold sores are herpes simplex one and genital herpes are herpes simplex 2. You can transmit them from oral sex.

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