The Sex Toy Taboo

Sex toys have long been a taboo topic. Sex is a natural part of the human existence and, quite frankly, one of the most enjoyable aspects. So why the taboo when it comes to sex toys? Women who used sex toys were historically seen as lonely, depraved women or deviants. Luckily for us women that trend has changed and now there is a sense of empowerment with buying a sex toy. But what about the men? Why are us women empowered but men often ridiculed for making the same choice?

In home toy parties. If you’re a woman, you’ve either been to one or been invited. I’ve been to several. It’s a get together for women to drink, gossip, buy sex toys and brag about what super luxurious new toy they got…..but don’t bring your partner. Men are generally forbidden. Why do we leave our men out of these purchases. Maybe he would like a toy for himself.

Education is key. I often talk among my girlfriends and, men……. they just don’t get it. One simple thing women need to understand is that using sex toys helps their men become better lovers. Upset that your man is masturbating? Well, using a masturbator not only helps him achieve an orgasms, relieve stress and all those good things but it actually helps improve his stamina. A study conducted at Indiana University found that 45 per cent of men who use sex toys were more likely to participate in sexual health promoting behaviors such as testicular examination. They also scored highly on satisfaction levels of erectile dysfunction, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function and sexual desire. See ladies, sex toys are a great thing for your man!

Let’s talk about the vibrator. The seemingly staple of every toy collection. Remember the days when sex toys were two feet long “personal massagers”, hidden away in the closet and brought out and plugged into the wall? Vibrators have now evolved into sleek, trendy designed works of art that hardly resemble their ancestors…let alone a penis. I will admit that I do enjoy and appreciate the new designs but what is wrong with a hot pink, beaded rabbit that looks like a spinning dick? But let’s get back to the men.  Vibrators aren’t just for women. 50% of women and 45% of men admit to using a vibrator. Even for cis couples, a vibrator can add stimulation for both partners, affecting various sex organs with the vibration

Sex toys have been around forever. In fact, the oldest known sex toy is an over 30,000 years old siltstone phallus. Now you can insert a sex toy and let your partner remotely control it from their smartphone. Our ancestors would be proud. Let’s face it, they’ve been around probably since the beginning of man and aren’t going anywhere.

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