Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

Tenga Flip Hole Review

****Disclaimer: I did not personally review this product as I do not have a penis. This review was completed by a male friend and he gave me permission not post anonymously.

Type: Male Masturbator

Product Description

Firmer and Tighter with Double-Layered Details! Dynamic stimulation from a tighter, firmer design! The accentuated three-dimensional details rhythmically arouse. Pioneering molding technology give life to Double-Layered details. TENGAs pioneering FLIP-Style revolutionizes masturbation. Cutting-edge molding technology creates a variety of sensations, and the FLIP-Style means they are always hygienic. Includes a sample of each of three water-based lotions: Mild, Real, and Wild.

Measurements: 3.35 inches in diameter, 2.68 inches in width, 6.89 inches in length.

Material: TPE, PC.


  • Great suction
  • Soft, jelly like interior
  • Very comfortable on the skin
  • Option to increase tightness
  • Came with 3 types of lubricants
  • Easy to apply lube
  • Easy to clean


  • If you are into a futuristic looking product this might not be a con for you but it doesn’t have the traditional masturbator look.
  • Price is $75.00 so could be expensive for some.


“This gave me incredible orgasms. I found that increasing the tightness made me achieve an orgasm quickly, sometimes too quickly. I would highly recommend this product and would purchase again.”

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  • Tom Leonard on

    I bought this and it is my favorite toy. Easy to clean

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