Cupping Set with Acu-Points

Cupping Set with Acu-Points

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Cupping Kits are based on the oriental method of using suction to pull impurities of the body through the surface of the skin. In fetish play cupping kits are superbly diverse! They can be used on many areas of the body, such as breast, nipples, penis, and ass. The cup suction leaves a temporary mark on the spot it was attached. Vacuum cups are easy to use, simply attach the cup to the hand pump, hold the cup over the desired area--or body part, pump, and let go! The cup will stay stuck by the skin being sucked into the cup!

Specifications: You will receive 10 cups of various sizes and a suction gun that attaches to each cup. Place the cup over your hot spot and gently pull back on the trigger. There are 8 removable spring-loaded acu-points that are centered within the cups for additional stimulation.

(6) 1 3/4" cups
(1) 1 1/2" cup
(1) 1 1/3" cup
(1) 1 1/8" cup
(1) 4/5" cup

Note: We strongly recommend careful use of this cupping kit. When used properly, you can achieve stimulating pleasure. However, excessive and over-eager suction can cause damage to the blood vessels resulting in bruising. We suggest that this item be used on moistened skin.

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